Para Plus Translations Puts Everyone On Same Page Despite Speaking Different Languages

Ask anyone about their trip to a foreign country and they’ll likely bring up the language barrier. It’s true that we don’t all speak the same language, but there will be occasions when everyone must be on the same page. For those in the legal, educational or medical fields, there’s no reason why words should stand in the way of effective and accurate communication. It’s with this mindset that Para Plus Translations, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, set out to offer services that would improve the lives of countless residents in the Delaware Valley and beyond. If you’re in need of translation or interpretation services, you’ve come to the right place.

By definition, “translation” is the conversion of words from one language into another. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase regarding certain terms being “lost in translation.” That doesn’t happen when you partner with Para Plus Translations. When you bring documents to this company that need to be converted into a different language, highly-qualified professionals are called upon to complete the task. Moreover, many Para Plus Translations linguists are native speakers with decades of related experience so text can be translated into more than 100 languages. Whether you have medical documents, legal or educational forms, website copy or other official text that needs translation, the wide array of linguists that Para Plus can call on guarantees accurate wording that actually makes sense to native-speakers. This brings us to the next point – and possible pitfall if you opt for cheaper or faster services: Interpretation.

Inaccuracy in oral communication can leave people at a loss. This doesn’t have to be the case when you retain industry experts who can interpret speakers behind the microphone in real-time. Events with mass attendance are going to either have attendees or viewers who won’t understand the language of a given speaker. With an interpreter on the stage, you’ll be able to offer expanded comprehension. Moreover, the professional interpreters who work with Para Plus Translations are able to convey the meaning of the spoken word so that it makes sense to those hearing it in a different language. Jargon, idioms and catchphrases popular in one country might not resonate in another language. Para Plus, where the goal is to create connections and break down barriers, is there to enhance comprehension and communication . It’s no wonder then that the company was ranked by The Legal Intelligencer in 2017 as one of the region’s best providers of translation services.