‘Artificial’ Intelligence Can’t Replace Human Touch That Para Plus Translations Delivers

para plus translationsWith increasing development of artificial intelligence, it is often wondered if machines will be able to completely take over the role of the translator. And while great advancements have been achieved over the last decade, the reality is that machines don’t do nuance. No matter how “intelligent” they may become, it’s still artificial at the end of the day.

But the line between machine and man is becoming blurred and there may be a middle ground where both can exist cohesively. As such, this dichotomy is explored in a recent Quartz article, which is of interest to Para-Plus Translations. The article explores the essential combination of man and machine to deliver accurate text derived from an often complicated source. Para Plus Translations believes in and implements this coexistence when it comes to translating legal forms, medical documents or other important copy. That’s why it wants to explore the Quartz article with visitors to this website — who likely need translation services performed.

“Contrary to what you might expect, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that the demand for human translators has actually doubled in the past seven year,” the article states, adding that translation is expected to grow into a $66 billion industry in the next five years. The computer program that’s explored in the article is a highly-specialized one that could only be used by experts such as those who work at Para-Plus Translations.

Para-Plus implements a similar program to the one mentioned in the article, Lilt, which compliments the work that the human translator is doing. “As a human translator translates text, Lilt predicts what they might write, similar to Gmail’s Smart Compose feature,” according to the article. Thus, the human translator is doing the bulk of the work while their efforts are enhanced through a program.

Para Plus Translations serves the sectors of business, government, legal, health care, education, finances and more. For clients of this company or other translation service providers, the need to hire professional translators is one that can become immediately clear. That need is often realized when a form needs to be provided to a client who requests it in a language other than English. Feeding the text through a widely-available online translation service won’t suffice, as there will always be words or phrases with misinterpreted meanings and confidentiality of content will be forfeited. This is a needless risk in a professional setting and someone who has filled out the forms under one impression – based upon the translated text – could have legal standing to sue if some other service is rendered.

The real-life testimonials of clients who’ve used Para Plus Translations readily prove that this is a service that can’t be skipped. From real-time tasks to meetings with interpreters who’ll be performing the work, the human touch here ensures each turn of phrase is accurate in the eyes – and mind – of the person who’ll be signing on the dotted line.

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