Para-Plus Translations Could Save You From A Lawsuit

Moving ahead in the global market can be tricky waters to navigate.  While the potential for new opportunities can be enticing, unfamiliarity in language, laws and customs can bring about a low return on investment, missed opportunities and the potential for lawsuits and other legal issues. While dealing with a language barrier can prove to be a daunting task, Para-Plus Translations has helped many companies translate their documents, giving them peace of mind that their message is being delivered how they intend it. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when dealing with language services for business:

  1. Choosing to use machine translation – The temptation to use a free translation service such as Google Translate can be hard to ignore. The service is free and readily available and so people are inclined to just use it.  However, when it comes to your business, your message and reputation are not easily fixed if they become tainted.  As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression.  Are you taking that chance with a free service to deliver your message the way you want, with no other input from you?

While there are plenty of examples of Google Translate not translating content properly, one of the other aspects that’s not discussed as much is in regards to the rights and ownership of your content.  As a business, there are things about your company and what you do that makes you unique and gives you an edge in the marketplace.  When you use a free service such as Google Translate, it’s not actually free.  While there is no monetary cost to use it, you are giving up the proprietary rights to the information that you are uploading.  When trying to expand in the global marketplace, your information and trade secrets may be one of the few advantages you have.  Choosing to work with a company that will keep your information confidential and secure will give you peace of mind to allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

  1. Not prioritizing experience – The style, complexity and tone of your business documents has great variety, so why shouldn’t your translation team? Whether you are talking about training manuals for employees, marketing material for clients, patents for product security or legal documentation for lawsuits, having a team who can capture the nuance and subtly of each of those to get your message properly across takes training, education and experience.  It’s one thing to have a strong grasp of language, but it’s another to have a strong grasp on language with the appropriate expertise.  Let Para-Plus Translations put together your translation team from our vast pool of highly qualified linguists to make sure your message is accurate, timely and on point.
  1. Not Mapping Out Future Job Needs – Thinking about translation services as not just a one-and-done exercise but a way to continually connect to your clients will improve your chance for success. As global markets change, so will your business’s ambitions, goals and message. Establishing a relationship with a reputable language service company who understands the challenges you face can help keep your message in front of your clients. Para-Plus Translations has the expertise to translate a wide range of documents (marking materials, training manuals, contracts, lawsuit documentation, patents, etc.) and can help your business reach its global potential.


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